Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tips Choosing Indoor Paint Colors

Indoor paint colors can transform your room on a budget. You can totally change the way your space feels and looks with just a little paint. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. You can also make your room feel closed in, claustrophobic or too dark if you choose the wrong paint color. Here are a few tips for picking the right indoor paint colors for your home.

Think about the purpose of the room before you choose a paint color. Warm colors are yellow, orange, red and some shades of browns. Cool colors are purple, blue and green. Warm colors are welcoming and inviting. They work well in kitchens and dining rooms; some paint experts even think that these colors will help make you hungry. Cool colors are calming and relaxing so they are perfect for bedrooms. You can even use cool colors to create a spa like feeling in the master bedroom.

Change the way you think about color. Your room might just feel a little blah or boring. The natural reaction to this is to go in the exact opposite direction with a really daring color. This doesn't always work out the best. Instead, try layering different colors. You can make a perfectly interesting room that is still relaxing from various tones of white, brown and taupe. This will help you ease your way into the color palette but also ensures that you have a totally livable space. In these cases where you go for a more neutral room try and bring in different patterns and textures. You could apply a grasscloth paper to the walls or paint stripes on one wall to create a focal point.

You might be scared to put together a home interior color palette for the first time. You might think that's only for decorators. However, this ensures that you have a cohesive design. Sometimes it helps to think about color in terms other than decorating and then translate it back into home decor. Walk around your house and pick out your favorite five items, these don't have to be items for decorating. You could find a few of your favorite clothing pieces, jewelry or even food items. There will probably be similar colors and lines between all of these things. Then you can just pull a few colors out of your inspiration fabric and have a complete palette pretty easily.

Indoor paint colors can be inviting and welcoming. It's also a perfect way to give your child or teen that theme room they've been wanting. When their tastes change all you have to do is repaint.

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